The Chicago Video Project will bring American Idealist: The Story of Sargent Shriver into the nation’s classrooms and to its public service organizations. There it will teach young viewers about an unheralded American hero, the little known history of the nation’s War on Poverty, and possibilities for change in an imposing and challenging world. The emotional power of the film’s storyline and its moral message offers educators a resource to discuss with their students the meaning of citizenship. If you are an educator or work with a public service organization, you can obtain a DVD copy of American Idealist from the following organizations:

  • Campus Compact, an association of 1,100 colleges and universities with offices in 31 states, provides teaching resources about civic engagement to college level public service programs.
  • Facing History and Ourselves is a prize-winning education organization that promotes moral education and democratic citizenship through curriculum for 23,000 educators worldwide, who in turn teach 1.6 million high school students about social justice, social tolerance, and citizenship. For members of Facing History and Ourselves you can loan out a copy of American Idealist from the Facing History and Ourselves library at

Visit the following websites for more information about the following public service programs and educational opportunities: