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Design with the modern resident in mind.

We’re a dedicated team of in-house designers and architects dreaming up spaces that today’s residents love to call home.



Visionary looks, functional feel.

Integrated design

Blend design-thinking into your construction and renovation roadmap for continual property improvements that only gain value over time.

Robust architecture practices

With thorough floor plans and illustrations developed alongside detailed specifications and scope books, you’ll have all the necessary materials to get precise bids from contractors.

Interior design

Create a modern feel with designer-recommended furniture and accessories from leading furniture providers at the best possible price.

3D modeling and renderings

Eliminate surprises in the design and construction process with 3D photorealistic images of your property, which also act as valuable marketing material for prospective residents before you even break ground.


We like to give them something to talk about.

965 Flats | 2021

Maple Springs | 2021

The Arbors of Central Park | 2020

Olive + Wooster | 2021-2022

Olive + Wooster | 2021-2022


 Creative vision meets flawless execution.

Matt Darcy

Vice President, Construction

7 years with BH

Mike Watkins

Vice President, Construction

7 years with BH


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