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5 Resume Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

September 7, 2022 |

Standout During The Application Process

BH is all about the secret sauce, and today BH’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Antonio Flores, is sharing the “not-so” secret sauce of how to stand out during the application process. Antonio has been with BH nearly two years and working in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition for 16 years. He is committed to getting the right people through the door to get the right jobs, and that starts with a resume . In a recent sit-down with Antonio, he gave us insight on the role resumes play in the application process.  “Many of the tips I will share are probably the same ones you have heard before,” says Antonio. “In fact, they are the same ones I have been saying for the past 10-15 years, but they are all still relevant in today’s job market.”

1. The First Impression

Grammatical and spelling errors can reflect a lack of effort or motivation to properly represent oneself. A grammatically correct resume demonstrates professionalism and the ability to pay close attention to detail, which foreshadows the work output a candidate is capable of on the job. The two easiest things to assist in a great first impression are: 1) proofreading, and 2) spellchecking.

2. Keep It Simple

In 2022, the use of inappropriate verbiage in email addresses is still prevalent. Simple email addresses including some variation of first and last names help to ensure verbiage is appropriate. Stick to simple fonts and consistent formatting when designing a resume. Graphics and charts can become skewed once a resume is submitted, causing changes to the overall resume format. To avoid the risk of information being distorted, it is best not to use any graphic elements.

3. What to Include in a Resume

Many people focus on listing the daily tasks associated with their job position. To stand out, resumes should showcase the impact and results of work done. Paint a picture of the achieved results by listing examples of accomplishments. Quantifiable data including statistics and ratios help to paint the picture.

4. Highlight Relevant Experience

When navigating from one industry to the next, the language on a resume should be tailored to the industry being sought. For instance, a resume for a sales position in the technology industry should be worded so that it is transferable to a sales role in property management. Multiple variations of a resume tailored to different industries are better than a generic resume that does not have transferable information.

5. Should I include a cover letter?

Sometimes there is not much transparency surrounding the need of a cover letter. Resumes land interviews. Depending on the role, cover letters help to enhance an application, but the resume is still the key. If an employer wants a cover letter, they will ask for it directly or make it required when completing the application. The best advice is to make sure your resume packs the punch, and if requested, let the cover letter enhance.

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